55 m kco uncontrolled DM peripheral diabetic neuropathy no ho any trauma; b/l dorsalis paedis palpable ...what is a most appropriate method of dressing

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Dx Cellulitis Atleast till it comes back to normal ideally good to shift for insulin because aggressive management of dm is important. If its severe and increased may be faciatomy is good depride and do regular dressing with betadine and megaheal with Gauze filling. Use imol plus tid with broad spectrum antibiotics

Cellulitis..first control the diabetes level with insulin therapy for short period to cover up from this stage earlier. Then add some higher broae spectrum antibiotics with hygienec dressing with betadine nd t.bact ointment...

Cellulitis in a patient of DM, advanced age with neuropathy must be treated urgently and aggressively with insulin and I/V antibiotics. Limb should be elevated. I & D when needed.

Without any harm to vitals it can b managed easily by ayurveda. Give simple dipan pachana and anuloman treatment. Shoth chikitsa upakram

Cellulitis, may proceed to early necrotising fascitis or necrotising fascitis if glucose not controlled

Treat with limb elevation, higher antibiotics tat patient can afford, strict DM control with insulin, limb movement to minimise chance of dvt

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Cellulitis. Aggressive management of Diabetes. Tab Augmentin 625 tid. Tab Dolo 650 tid.


Aggressive sugar control shift to insulin injection Higher antibiotics like cap. Amoxyclav 625 1 tds x 7 days + inj. Amikacin im/Iv x 5 days If pus collection occurs, incision & Drainage Regular dressing --- initially cleaning wound with saline & then use mupirocin or fusidin cream

Looks like cellulitis..if any collection go for incision and drainage.strict sugar control. Iv antibiotics 3 rd gen cephalosporion +/- amikacin based on c/s report.keep foot elevated and normal dressing with betadine

Start basal bolous insulin therapy. Advice HBA1C Doppler x ray Urine routine S creatine Start higher antibiotics Tab Zerodol-sp Limb elevation Regular dressing with betadine.

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