55 male h/o pain n swellng ovr ryt wrist joint,no othr complain,sugest rx fr swellng


Rheumatoid arthritis. RX 1 . Tab lyser-D t d. s for 10 days followed by Indocap 'SR 75 mg 0.D for 1 month 2.Tab Deflazacort 12 mg O.D for 15 days followed by 6 mg 0.D for 15 days. 3 Tab pantop 40 mg O.D 4 If no satisfactory response Methotrexate can be used weekly

Rheumatoid Arthritis,swelling in wrist joint is common,there should be morning stiffness,and restricted movements due to pain and swelling. Treatment:Indomethacin/Naproxen.to start with prednisolone 20mg and tappered of to less then 5mg as the swelling and pain subsides in 2 to 3 weeks,methotrexate should be added after thorough investigation cbc/lft/s.creatinine/hepatitis b&c/x ray chest, the dose of methotrexate can be started from 20mg/week initially(for2 to3 months) and then continue with 15mg/week,(keep repeating investigations every month.(Also to add folic acid suppliment) HCQS/ any otherDMARD can be added later if progressive joint erosion,or disease activity

Rheumatoid arthritis, advised cap. Indocap- SR 75 mg bd.

rheumatoid nodes

rheumatoid nodule.short course sterouds with good antiinfllamatory analgesic

Rheumatoid Arthritis

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