55 years old male patient complain of ulcer buccal mucossa of mouth last 3 month suggest diagnosis and treatment plan ??



Biopsy - Scan - Surgery - Adjuvant therapy based on histopathological report

Co2 removal


SCC of buccal mucosa treatment depends upon TNM staging

Verrucous carcinoma...SCC of buccal mucosa.. biopsy needed

Carcinoma of Buccaneer mucosa

Carcinoma of buccal mucosa

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Carcinoma of buccal mucosa Investigation: biopsy Treatment: depends on lymph node involvement

SCC buccal mucosa and angle of mouth ..biopsy to prove with CECT skull base to mediastinum ..clinical examination for involvement of mandible .

Ulcerative proliferative growth more likely Carcinoma of right buccal mucosa Adv biopsy for confirmation Status of lymphnodes? Habit?

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