55 yrs male patient, non diabetic, c/o painful wound... since one month l had treated with antibiotics, analgesic and dressing but no recovery please give me yours opinion



venous ulcer most common site gaiter area ( near medial malleolus) check varicose veins blood sugar. treatment foot elevation A/D dressing compression stockings if ABPI> 0.8.

Rule out Varicosity of veins. Check Haemoglobin .should be more than 10gm%. Rule out hypoprotienemia Albumin should be more than 3mg%.. Rule out immunocompromised status..

I have seen a similar case which came out to be vasculitis on histopathology and is being treated at aiims presently.. completely recovered with tacrolimus and other drugs

Dr Shinde Kindly apply compression dressing every time eg Top Grip bandage or commercially available triple layer compression dressing. Also in addition to the regular modes of dressing Kindly apply epidermal growth factor eg RegenD. The investigation for the cause may be as per the suggestions given in the previous posts.

Stasis ulcer. Do doppler study. Elevation compressive dresssing . See other factors of non healing ulcer. Search for anemia hypo proteinemiaia

A venous Doppler is necessary. Till then Surgical Debridement with sterile antiseptic dressing after cleaning with betadine and inj metrogyl should be done. A local swab Culture & Sensitivity may be done. Linezolid may be advised iv

It seems like varicose veins. Examine the patient and perform a duplex scan of lower limb

Punched out margins, rule out syphilis.

compression dressing , leg elevation

Most likely venous ulcer.. Investigations:- CBC, BSL, Venous Doppler. Treatment:- limb elevation, daily dressings with hydroheal ointment, compression by means of elastocrep bandage, multivitamins, analgesics ..

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