56 year old male with a h/o malignancy and a lung mass. Biopsy done. Comment on HPE



Organoid pattern of tumour, neuroendocrine tumour

Neuroendocrine tumor

Carcinoid tumor (Zell ballen pattern seen)

Undifferentiated carcinoma

Salt and pepper chromatin is lacking.

Classic zellballen pattern... Neuroendocrine tumour nice case

? metastatic deposit from renal cell carcinoma. nuclei are showing prominent nucleoli rather than salt pepper pattern

Carcinoid / Neuro Endocrine tumor with characteristic zell ballen arrangement of tumor cells...Salt and pepper nuclear chromatin

Sections examined show a well defined nest of monotonous population of tumor cells compressing the adjacent normal lung parenchyma . The individual tumor cells have small round to oval central nuclei , stippled nuclear chromatin with prominent nucleoli and abundant clear to eosinophilic granular cytoplasm .The tumor cells are separated by thin fibrovascular septae. No evidence of atypical mitosis , necrosis or haemorrhage noted .( atypical carcinoids) Impression - Biopsy Lung Mass - Well Differentiated Carcinoid Tumor ( Neuroendocrine Tumor ) Advice IHC - Synaptophysin , Chromogranin , NSE , Ki 67 Correlation with Clinical , Radiological Findings and Serum Biochemical Markers Thanku

Thers a lot to learn frm yu Dr Mohit

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Neuroendocrine tumour

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