56 yr old ,M, Omani National, DM type 2, uncontrolled DM, came with thickening of palm.on exam he has features of peripheral neuropathy , sensory dominant in the lower limbs For the hand : picture is enclosed. Spot the diagnosis.

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This is update of the present post. Thanks for all answers.All of you are done well. The correct answer is Dupuytren's contracture both hands. The commonest cause is Diabetes Mellitus. This pt is an uncontrolled DM

Duputryens contracture

Dupuytren'd contracture.

It's a case of dupuytrens contracture.

Dupuytren disease ??? - nodules and bands or contracted cords √ - skin pitting √ - Sensation in the palm and digits √

Dupuytren contracture cirrhosis liver

Deputryns contracture Requires Release by fasiotomy of palmar apponerosis by a good hand surgeon.

Dupuytren's Disease

Thanks Dr Thunga

Dupuytren' s contracture

Dupuytrens contracture

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