56 yrs old patient with complain of swelling in posterior palatal region ...



would require the additional information to arrive at a clinical diagnosis; and subsequent to that, depending on the clinial findings, appropriate investigations will be an adjunct to make a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. 1. History of current illness - A. When did the swelling start? B. is there pain associated? C. If yes, what is the nature of pain? D. Has such a swelling occured in the past? If yes, what was done about it? E. Any familial history of such pathology? 2 Clinical examination with the following factors has to be done- A.Is the swelling fluctuant? Firm? B. Tender to palpation? C. Are there any crepitions associated during palpation? D. What is the clinical condition of the premolars and first molar? Any caries? Any fracture? Pulpal exposure? Mobility? E. is there any nasal symptoms?Nasal twang? DNS? Obstruction? F. Any maxillary antrum related symptoms? History of sinus pathology? Based on the above findings, you will arrive at a probable diagnosis and the same can be corroborated with an appropriate investigation. A final diagnosis will be based on the history, clinical findings and the corroborated investigations. Based on all above information, formulate a treatment plan based on current best practice guidelines and proceed with the case. Request you to keep us posted about the case.

Looking like fibrous papilloma oral hygiene is very poor. Excisional biopsy needed for proper diagnosis. Thnx nd regards

Smooth surface glistening swelling on hard palate most probably salivary gland( minor) tumor The age goes in favour of investigation and opg should be considered The duration will clinch diagnosis Abscess in days Malignant tumor in months and ranula in years

The growth seems to be pedunculated. If so it needs to be traced to see which tooth is involved. OPG needed. Oral hygiene is very poor. Could be a fibrous papilloma. Thorough oral prophylaxis needed along with RCT of involved teeth, along with Clohex mouthwash. After this, the growth needs to be excised and pt has to maintain oral hygiene so that it does not recur.

it doesnt look like palatal abscess.clinical examination to identify firm or soft swelling.soft fluctuant aspirate the swelling. hard swelling suspected minor salivary gland tumor.biopsy within tumor to avoid spill over of tumor cells

It is Pleomorphic Adenoma of minor Salivary gland . Local excision advised.

palatal swelling seems blanched, probably palatal abscess, opg and maxillary occlusal veiw required for diagnosis

Accessory salivary gland adenoma. Excise

Please elaborate the clinical features like TOP in any teeth, mobility, duration of swelling. PD: pleomorphic adenoma DD: PGCG Pyogenic granuloma

Torus palatinus Salivary gland tumor Biopsy

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