58 years old male having abdominal pain with distension, vomiting Please diagnose the case and suggest treatment

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Multiple dilated gaseous intestinal loops with no air fluid levels Advised CECT abdomen to look for cause of any subacute intestinal obstruction. Causes could be 1. Ch. Constipation. 2 . Benign or malignant recto - sigmoid pathology. 3 Ascariasis. 4.Gastro - intestinal paresis. 5 . Incomlete simoid or caecal volvulus. 6 Bands of ladd or other bands causing obstruction. 7.Ileo caecal tuberculosis.

multiple dilated gaseous small intestinal loops. No air fluid levels suggest sub acute intestinal obstruction. Go for USG & ct scan of abdomen. rx accordingly manage conservatively ref to surgery for care & needful

1.NBM 2.RYLE'S TUBE 3.IV ANTIBIOTICS 4.PROPER HISTORY 5proper examination along with per rectal examination . 6ANY HISTORY OF ABADOMINAL MASSAGE ,DRUG HISTORY. 7.cbc,s.electrolytes,rft ,lft,etc 8.cect abdomen . 9. Then decide for conservative or surgical intervention.


Multiple dilated gaseous bowel loops but no air fluid levels... Subacute intestinal obstruction Needs CECT A+P

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Also remember to do per rectal examination and hernial orifices. If no electrolyte imbalance or any previous laparotomy then most likely to be a surgical abdomen. hydrate and resuscitate and then CT with oral contrast if able to consume contrast without vomiting.

Rectosigmoid tumor probably.. Do a CT abdomen, hydrate the pt.. Npo, sx intervention at the earliest.. If pt is not fit for major surgical procedure then do a caecostomy under LA n revision surgery after improvement of pts condition..

gaseous distension of intestine. Maybe due to Intestinal obstruction but CT scan is advisable before laparotomy

xray show multiple gaseous intestinal loops ..to rule out go for usg nd ct abd..rx accordingly ..

Multiple gaseous distended loops no fluid levels ? Sigmoid callous Chest component BC of X-ray suggest I've of Miliary T B

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