58years male k/c/o dm and htn.addiction of tobbaco .diagnosis

58years male k/c/o DM and HTN.Addiction of tobbaco .diagnosis and treatment.



diagnosis :- oral candiasis with submucous fibrosis with leucoplakia. Tt:-1:- optimum control of blood sugar and blood pressure. 2:-Avoid Tobacco Addiction.3:-lotion fluconazole +beclomethasone 4times a day, Tab fluconazole 100mg 1od /week 4 weeks, Cap doxycycline 100mg 1BD, tab metrogyl 200mg 137day, tab bcomplex 1od 7day. 4:-inj triamcinolone 400mg intra articular in TM joint weekly.5:-Kenacort 1%ointment localy over lower lip.total duration 4 weeks.

Tab fluconazole 150mg, Tab metrogyl 200mg 1TDS for 7day, inj triamcinolone 40mg intra articular in TM joint weekly.above some mistakes in dosage.

Oral candidiasis

leukoplakia with candidiasis and sub mucous fibrosis

1.Oral Submucosal Fibrosis. 2.Leukoplakia. If he is immunocompromised then it could be oral candidates kindly do biopsy to confirm

candidasis,oral thrush candid mouth paint, cap rinifol Tab zocon 150 tab flagyl 200 tid ,hexidine mouth wash quit smoking and tobacco

according to me 1 good antioxidant also prescribe to the patient.

U Hello doc...this is a case of oral submucous fibrosis superimposed with candidiasis stage 4 clinically... as we can see reduced mouth opening and here in this pic we can make out blanching of mucosa too some extent near the lower lip.. Doctor OSMF is because of tobacco usage so advice the patient to quit the habit and also advice him antaoxid once a day for atleast one month. As it is superimposed with candidiasis.. Check his diabetes status whether it is under control.. . In the meanwhile for this u can advice him 1% candid mouth paint to apply 3-4 times /day for 2 weeks minimum.. Doctor I also suggest u to Check for any erythematous area intraorally as at this stage there r chances of risk of malignancy too.. Check for lymph node status and do thorough investigation to exclude anemic status... Thank u!

Sorry sir it's by mistake I typed u*** in starting of my conversation..

Reduced mouth opening OSMF with superadded candidiasis


oral candidiasis treatment- tab fluconazole dosage for oropharygeal candidiasis-150 mg od-14 days.

candidiasis but confirm it by biopsy . Flucanazole 150 mg per of for one week then once weekly for 4 week. Hexidine mouth wash . vit b complex with high riboflavin and folic acid and antioxidants. you may suggest hydrogen peroxide 3% for rinse twice daily . Quit tobacco .

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