59 years male adult with this growth on eye lid dx and Rx



According to Ayurveda we will diagnose this case as Charma Keelaka You can advise for KS Ligation (Prepare yourself, 4 coating of Snuhi Ksheer on Barbour Lenin 20 Thread, Avoid Kshar as you are using it near to eyes) It will shed within 2-3 days of Ligation Advice to avoid washing face, better to wipe with wet towel, as snuhi + water may damage the eyes. Screen for HPV Infection Make sure you ligate at the base of this wart.

Warts Kshara sutra ligation is effective in such cases

Dermatitis Apply Mahamarich yadi tail Abhyaga on spots N Gandhak rasayan 2 BD Arogyabardhani bati2 BD Panchtikat ghrit guggul 1 BD Sutsekhar Ras 2 BD kaishor guggul I BD with Mahamanjitharist 20 ml with warm water BD.

Warts,. Ks ligation is best



Thuja 1m

soft n pedunculated wart.. nitric acid 1m. thuja q ext

Achrocordon lid margin

RFC the treatment of choice

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