Eruptions and skin lesion on hand

Age- 34 sex- male C/o- eruptions and skin lesion on hand since 1 month Itching- +++ Burning- + Discharge- sticky, blood occasionally Earlier lesion was very small but now has increased. no other complaint Generals- Appeitite, Thirst, Urine, Stool- normal Desire- Sweets aversion- bitter things sleep, perspiration- normal Mentals- Patient is very restless mentally and physically, talkative, moves hands and legs continuosly. Fear of water, cannot go close to any stored water irritability-++ Suggestions Doctors


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Gun pawdar 200 Grafaytes 30 Sulphur 30
Had some things bitten.... apricots pomegranates cucumber salad beetroot coriander juice pineapple with black pepper guava lime juice Kalijeeri corn, alkaline diet sulpha if tolerant turmeric powder paste, no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods... sunshine walk cherries berries jeera muskmelon, walnuts blue berries ginger
Septilin Tab Giloya Ghan Vati Urtiplax Cap Gandhak Rasayan Tab Pancha Tikta Ghrita Guggulu Khadirarishta Prakshalan With Neem Patra Kwath Local Application of Urtiplax Lotion.
Rx 1. Gandhaka malhara for application 2. Nimbadi vati 3. Khadirarishta @Nipun Roy sir would like know more about patient's fear of water.
Desire sweets and aversion to bitter are of no use. Need to analyse thermal state of patient and consider the mentals as well as LSMC to form totality
Gandhak rasayan Panchatiktha ghrita guggulu Tab urtiplax Manjisthadi kwath URTIPLAX CREAM for local application
Arsenic or Rhustox may be helpful. Both are restless and have skin eruptions with discharges
History of Dog Bite? Why Hydrophobia? @Nipun Roy
Virechan Raktmokshan Mahamanjisthadi kashyam Saarivadyasav
Lyssinum 1M Single Dose S.L. - BD for 7 days
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