6 month old infant with rapid breathing since birth which has been aggrevated since 4days ..also history of cough n cold n fever for 4days .. DD?



possiblity of obstructive emphysema on lt side with herniation of lt lung to rt side ruled out fobo in rt bronchus do sos bronchoscopy


emphysema left upper love shifting mediastinum right side but heart is center so collapse of right side of lung.CT Chest will be diagnostic

Congenital libar emphysema. If distress a lot the HRCT SCAN

left lung hyperinflated pushing mediastinum towards right... congenital lobar emphysema... left middle lobe is most common site....

circular shadow in centre tracheal shift to right congenital lung cyst infected now

congenital lobar emphysema

probably having lobar emphysema or ccam ...go for ct chest....

problem since birth..so lets think of a congenital cause.. do a ct..other symptoms suggestive of an infection..blood study

congenital lobar emphysema

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