6 year boy with history of mumps 3 years ago.symptomatically treated.from past 6 months he gives history of ? parotid swelling repeatedly n subside of its own. no lymphedenopathy or fever noted in these episodes.dx n treatment.no ear infections.

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It is Recurrent Parotid inflammation associated with non obstructive sialectsis of the parotid gland. Also known as Juvenile recurrent parotitis. Characterised by swelling and pain in parotid gland. May be due to congenital abnormality of salivary gland associated with recurrent attacks of ascending infection, aided by dehydration. Parotid gland most commonly affected due to lower rates of secretion compared with submandibular gland. Common age is 3-6 years. Males are more affected.signs subside by puberty. Investigations 1.USG 2.Sialography - It may cause resolution if symptoms. Treatment is mainly conservative like antibiotics and analgesics. Recurrent attacks are treated with antibiotics. More aggressive treatment in adults with persistent problems.options are 1.Duct ligation 2.Parotidectomy 3.Tympanic neurectomy

comprehensively described dr puneet....great explaination

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yes parotid duct occlusion is common problem. also rule out diseases of gums and teeths. daily

give a trial of putting 2 to 3 deops of lemon on tongue daily.

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Kindly rule out HIV. Then it could be idiopathic Recurrent paroritis of Childhood.

Antibiotics gives only temporary relief

get parotid scan done..it could be due to block or sialedentis..also do FNAC if possible.. give antibiotics cover..after scan n FNAC can decide further treatment..

i had 2 children who had rec parotitis around 6 to 8 episodes every 2 to 3 months.an mri with sialogram was normal.everytime it subsided with anti biotics and antiinflammatory drugs with sialogoges.now they are sumptom free for more than 3 yrs.couldnt find a cause but probably some sludging in the duct triggerd by a uri caused it.

chronic sialadenitis which could be secondary to parotid sialolithiasis.

looks like parotid swelling. recurrent swelling one should ruleout underlying immune deficiency may b due to HIV. Ruleout underlying malignancy. may require Biopsy. all said and done it could b just siladenitis.tesulting fron salivary duct calculi.

Usg is preferred over sialography, reference medscape

Recurrent parotid inflammation

Parotid duct occlusion either calculus or stricture

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