6 yrs gril unable to have food since 3 months plz provide treatment and diagnosis



Geographical tongue. Self resolving usually no treatment is needed. Symptomatic treatment with Candid mouth gel. ROUTINE DEWORMING. Mv and zn supplementation . Orodental hygeine

Geographic Tongue. Seen in. Normal Persons., Pustular Psoriasis, Reiter's disease, Pustular Candidiasis.

Geographic Tongue. Rest is very well discussed by @Dr. Hanumanthappa Hulugappa Sir.

Thank u .

GEOGRAPHICAL TONGUE, Self liming, Multivitamins, Loxamox gel, Personal Hygiene

Geographical tongue .. no treatment required, do Anthropometry and feel malnourished then treatment according

Geographical tongue. Vizylac syp. Dologel mouth paint locally.

Geographic tongue

geographic tongue b12 deficiency becousles syrup zytee gel

Geographical tongue MV and MM Deworming Personal hygiene Proper diet

Geographic tongue ... If pattern r changes with time .. It's a developmental anomaly of tongue.. No basic treatment required.. But if burning sensation then use of topical xylocan gels.. Few antifungal .. topical gels.. Maintain oral hygiene. Try to reduce frequency of spicy or irritating foods ..

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