60 y/o woman with slowly enlarging neck mass. Had rapid growth over 2 days and then decreased in size slightly with antibiotics. CT images are from her CTA that was done because of a history of CVA.




It seems to be a parotid gland tumour D/D A pleomorphic adenoma B. Mixed parotid tumour C malignant FNAC may be helpful to diagnose.

Thanks Dr Katikela

Mixed parotid Timor

Tnx Dr Leel

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On clinical examination looks like lipoma but in CT it clear that tumour is arising from superficial lobe of parotid with smooth margins. Patapharyngeal space is normal. So mostly benign tumour of parotid gland. Suspecting pleomorphic adenoma. Superficial parotidectomy needed. already marking made for modified Blair incision it seems

Parotid Gland Tumor ( Pleomorphic Adenoma) How is the consistency Fluctation present on bimanaual palpation?

D/d Pleomorphic adenoma Adenoid cystic carcinoma Parotid gland tumour Advise USG, FNAC

Yes it is parotid tumor D/d benign psuedo parotid tumor Pleomorphic parotid tumor

Thanx dr Sachin Kale

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Parotid gland tumour.need fnac & tissue diagnosis.

Pleomorphic Adenoma of Parotid Gland!

Could be Pleomorphic Adenoma..

Parotid gland tumor Adv USG

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