60 years Lady NonDiabetic Posterior ulcer 12 days Other 4 days(cleaner n Superficial one) Non tender Loss is sensations around posterior ulcer

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Plse specify correct duration for this ulcer,I think so that she may be suffering from such ulcer for one month or more. Check for diabetes once again, clean or apply surgical spirit 3-4 times per day on wound ,I/v antibiotic s meropenam, orally amoxy clav 625 ,vit.c, cetrizine ,Rabi, and multivitamins.

diabetic food...clean up daily dressing ns wash daily den hydrogen wash n betadine wash.... used high protein diet....

Hello sir, can I know why u suspect it to be diabetic foot though patient is said non diabetic?

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1. Rule out any system if it disorders by going for fresh Complete blood picture, check for blood glucose level, check for blood pressure. 2. Go for culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing. 3. Regular debridement of the ulcer is necessary taking care that while irrigation fresh blood is initiated to bleed ffrom the ulcerative region. 4. Topical ointments like sofeadex cream along with betadine ointment may be helpful. 5. Jet Irrigation with chlorhexidine mixed with betadine and hydrogen peroxide might prove valuable.

It looks like a non healing trophic ulcer Exclude Hansen's disease then plan for whole thickness skin grafting very preferably by a Plastic Surgeon

Pressure sore

yes its neuropathic ulcer due to weight bearing (pressure)....it heals good doesn't need heavy antibiotics. ..jus mx s : Complete bed rest. Moisture dressing with bactigrass. Debridement once in four days. Antibiotic cream if secondary infctn. Rx:deplat a, duvadilan10,nurokind LC.. Its the success

r/o diabetes

ulcers in lower foot takes too long time to heal as blood supply is very poor in this area.so have patience, irrigate with normal saline, wash with H2O2.betadine& placenterax dressings.high protein diet. Complete bed rest.

Trophic ulcer

Pressure sore....Give the Antibiotic and Dressing ns wash ,hydogen wash and Betadine wash daily

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