60 years old Female presenting with history of fluid filled vesicles over rt side of face, External ear n back side, not crossing midline for last 5 days. since today morning developed facial deviation. Non Diabetic. HIV found to be reactive. Now diagnose this condition n give your expert opinion on management plan. Regards. Note:- I couldn't do editing of pics as I wanted to show facial involvement.




Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.. Triad of Herpes Zoster Rt ear ache Facial nerve palsy. Initiate ART Acyclovir Steroids Physiotherapy Regards.

Herpes Zoster with Facial Palsy Multiple vesicular grouped lesions over erythematous base spreading in dermatomal pattern is suggestive for HZ. Deviation of mouth left side is suggestive for facial palsy. Adv MRI Brain to rule out any pathology. Start symptomatic management for HZ as per guideline. Physiotherapy ,Eye care and other supporting treatment for palsy. Methylprednisolone can be started and tapered gradually.

Sir, why do we need MRI when the cause is infectious already? And will HZ affect brain?

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It is a case of herpes zoster. Fascial palsy may be due to the affection of nerve of that side. Mezerium 30, Ran-bulb 30,etc are very good medicines.

Herpez zoster followed by immune compromised due to seroreactive

I agree with Dr. Viral Patel

Herpis. Acyclovior 200mg bid for one week..pain killer..mult vit od..

I agree with DrV Patel

Herpes zoster

Herpes zoster with facial palsy both are treated symptomatic but wysolone tab ecospirin and nuerokind give relief rehabilitation is must.

HERPES Zoster .

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