60 years old female,with no diabetes hypertension.started this deformity some five years she is not feeling any pain.what are the tests you recommend are required.



Deformoties due to rheumatoid arthritis Arthritis mutilans

ESR, RA factor, anti CCP.

Looks more like arthritis mutilans. Also do a hla b27

Looks like deformities associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Adv. RA factor, Anti CCP,ESR

Hallux valgus with hammer toe

inflammatory arthritis. xrays, RA factor, anti-CCP, HLa B27, Sr. uric acid.

Hallux valguz with hammer toe, requir xray, ra, anticcp, esr , for correction require cordecrive osteotomy and arthrodesis

Rheumatoid arthritis. Haemogram wth ESR/ RA Factor./ anticcp./ CRP/

Hallux Valgus with hammer toe

Hallux valgus deformity ,bunion deformity Could be alone or associate with arthritis like infective rheumatoid gout. Check out the level of ESR ,CRP ,URIC ACID ,RA FACTOR, IMg test If alone then no need investigation go for management

Its case of Rhematoid arthritis.... first u do esr..

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