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60 yrs nonsmoker male presented with cough dyspnea fever since last 10 days. cough not responding to treatment. spo2 94% bil wheezing heard. comment on cxray.


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Hyperinflation in both lung fields. Hilar lymphadenopathy. Cavity in rt apex. S/o both Koch's and COPD. Spirometry and cbnaat could aid in further diagnosis.

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Fibronodular cavity rt apex with haziness Not responding to given treatment Pulmonary tuberculosis Better to shift on ATT

Thanx dr Mehul Hundiwala

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Hyperinflation bothlungs. Infiltrations right Apex. Cardiac shadow is tubular. PTB with COPD emphysema.


COPD Emphysema Rt apex hazy Aortic knucle calified PTB

Thnx Dr Agarwal sb

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CXR showing B/l hyperinflation s/o COPD with a ? haziness in right upper lobe, is there any h/o exertional dyspnea in the past? PFT to be done to r/o air flow obstruction and to start on inhalers accordingly.With the present history of 10 days,cough not responding to treatment could be due to post viral reactive airway, that may respond to a short course of oral steroids R/o other causes of cough like GERD,post nasal drip,whether on any ACE inhibitors etc.Sputum AFB to be done also

Chronic bronchitis with emphysema

Right sided haziness in the apex with bilateral emphysematous appearance. ? COPD(Chronic Bronchial Asthma) with superadded right sided apical pneumonitis., Could be Koch's.

Opacity with crowding of ribs over Rt apical region and hypervolumic lungs suggestive of reactivation of old PT.

I agree with you

Rt apical haaziness seen B/L Hyperinflation of lungs Tubular heart COPD ? PULMONARY KOCH'S Adv Hrct chest Sputum c /s, AFB r/m LFT creat,

Bil Hyperinflated Lungs, COPD RIGHT apical haziness HRCT, Sputum for AFB and CBNATT ? TB

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