This patitent come to my chamber just now, Please doctor how to manage this case with our pathy and please give your suggestions and treatment .


This is multi nodular goiter . Thyroidinum, iodum, Bart carb r good remedies
Nodular thyroids goitre.
Toxic multinodular goiter Also known as toxic nodular goiter, toxic nodular struma, or Plummer's disease is a multinodular goiter associated with a hyperthyroidism. Differential diagnosis:-- ADENOMATOUS GOITRE. Or TOXIC ADENOMA. High risk of thyroid cancer in patients with multinodular goiter especially female. Symptoms are the same as hyperthyroidism but bulging/protruded eyeballs seen in Graves disease does not occur. Symptoms may include any of the following: ●Fatigue. ●Frequent bowel movements. ●Heat intolerance. ●Increased appetite. ●Increased sweating. ●Irregular menstrual period (in women). ●Muscle cramps. ●Nervousness. ●Restlessness. ●Weight loss. Investigations required:--- ※Serum thyroid hormone levels (T3, T4) ※Serum TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). ※Thyroid uptake and scan or radioactive iodine uptake. ※Thyroid ultrasound. Thyroid enlargement occurs due to inflammation, tumors, autoimmune diseases or iodine deficiency. Diet:---- Imposed...... Iodine and selenium rich foods like iodized salt, seafood, mushroom, cod, milk, shrimps and tuna. Avoid....... ●Goitrogens: produce thiocyanate which decreases thyroid hormones production. Goitrogenic foods include cassava, lima beans, maize, bamboo shoots, and sweet potatoes. ●Cruciferous vegetables contain isothiocyanates which decrease the absorption and reuptake of iodine by the thyroid gland. ●Caffeine, peanuts, peaches, strawberries, radishes and spinach. ●Gluten can increase the autoimmune attack of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. ●Alcohol, smoking and carbonated drugs have toxic effect on the thyroid gland. Homoeopathic medicines:---- As per case history taken,mental and general particulars suggested individualization.
Patient needs surgical management..... what about the thyroid profile @Dr. Sanjay Kumar Mallick sir?
Maharshi Sushruta has described these condition under GranthiApachi ArbudaGandamala Adhyaya. Maharshi AgniVesha is silent on this as it is not purely managed by Medicines. If we follow Maharshi Sushruta, Then we go for Sansodhan Chikitsa, Shastra karma , Shaman Chikitsa. But before proceeding to any aspects of this case detail Symptoms, Pathological tests, Biopsy must be evaluated.
Very nice and very useful opinion sir
Dear Doctor I hope she has been suffering from nodular goiter on observations. She needs laboratory investigation MR I scanning thyroid profile. If duration prolonged it might be malignancy also so needle aspiration also need In this we have to give first priority to diagnosis and then management. Overall growth is irregular. How many days she has suffered. Any clinical findings during examination also important. Detail of systemic examinations needs. I would like suggest her THUJA 0/6 TDS STILL REPORTS COME. THANKS.
--Lukewarm water stored in copper vessel for drinking -- Punarnava guggulu 2 tabs twice daily with Bringarajasav 4 tsf - equal water before food --Arogyavardhini 2 tabs with Kumaryasav 4 tsf - equal water after food food twice daily --Triphala churns 1tsf Bedtime
Thyroid gland enlarged?.,tumor of thyroid gland? Kanchanar guggulu 2 qid Maharasnadi kada 3 tsf bid. Triphala guggulu 2 bid. This is only supportive or palliative,best treatment is surgery.
@its thoracic , mostly surgery,according to Ayurvedic Tab.kanchnar guggul 2 bd, Tab.kaishor guggul 1 bd, tab.Triphala guggul 2 bd.Apply Mahamash tail with erand leaf dressing and warm it.
You may preferably use kachanar leaf instead of stand leaf.

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It's known as gandamala in Ayurveda Can give Gandamala kanda ras two bid Varanadi kwath with kanchanaarguggulu bid Continue this medication for 41days and you will get good results
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