61 yr old Patient came to hospital with complaints of sudden onset dyspnoea since 1hr, he is known case of RHD,MVP,moderate MR,trivial AR,DM, HTN. O/e he is having basal crepts, Bp 180/100,HR 120 spo2 84% without o2. What's ur daignosis and line of management ...



Acute LVF Get the ABG,BNP done Tx :NIV support,Lasix,NTG infusion,cvp monitoring,Elctrolyte correction accordingly.

pulmonary edema (lvf) treat on . diuretics


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get an x-ray done, his creatinine is high, treat him as pulmonary edema , better to get an echo an. USG (to rule out ckd)

X Ray abdomen ??

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Acute left ventricular failure.. Treat with diuretic, back rest. O2 inhalation

Acute pulmonary edema. Propped up position in bed, NTG and Frusemide, oxygen inhalation to relieve work of breathing. Monitor CVP and urine output. ECG also shows few VPCs get an echo done.

Diagnosis: A case of acute left ventricular failure. Treatmeant: Propped up position. O2 inhalation high flow as SPO2 is 84% only. Inj Frusemide 60mg iv stat followed by 40 mg once daily along with ARB or ACE inhibitor along with beta blocker. Duolin nebulisation 8hrly. Tab Doxophylline 400 mg bid. Fluid restrictions with input - out put chart. CVP monitoring. Digoxin can be started. ECG shows PVC and serum creatinine is high. Investigation: 2D echo and USG whole abdomen.

Cardiogenic pulmonary edema

CHF with Pulmonary oedema 2D Echo Rx Diuretics disprin Doxophylline SOS Digoxin 25 mg od. Metoprolol 25 SR OD. Syrp cadiphyllate 2 tsf TID complete bed rest salt restricted diet limited water intake 1& half litre.


No sir... It's a case of cardiogenic pulmonary oedema

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cardiogenic pulmonary edema... diuretics(lasix) ..o2 supplement.. nebulisation wit duolin /budecort..prop up position..fluid restrictions.. input urine output cvp measurement..ecg showing vpc ..measure sodium potassium.. can be started on digoxin ..ace inhibitors..aspirin...nd metroprolol...

forgot to mention..cpap is best in such cases...

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