63 year old male complaints of swelling over the Ear present since 1 year. Patient complaints of pain on touch. no itching. No relevant family history. What is the diagnosis and treatment for this codition.



Dear Dr ! NODULAR LESIONS are seen on the ear. These lesions may be due to LEPROMATOUS LEPROSY. Image is s/o loss of eye brow. This also favours Hansen Disease. At least, you can consider it for differential diagnosis. I will be thankful if you let me know the final diagnosis.

Agree with @Dr. Alapati Vijay Kumar sir.... There may be a cyst... According to Ayurveda you can go with Kanchanar Guggulu 1 tab BD Punarnava Mandoor 1 tab BD Arogyavardhini Vati 1 tab BD Punarnava Ark 20ml BD with equal quantity as anupan of vati Avipattikar Churna 3gm + Punarnava Mool Churna 2gm BD with luke warm water Local application of Dashang Lepa + Ghrita

Dr kamal singh... This is not a severe case. Some times there are small tumors beneath the skin and above muscle. These does not give any harm to body. Ask patient not to touch on that for testing whether it is painful or not... sometimes regular touching with slight pressure makes the tissue damage and develop adverse situations. So here wait and watch treatment should be followed. No problem Thank you.


very good suggestions by eminent doctors already. I would like to add bilwa tailam locally as ear drops to relieve pain.

Hansen's disease - Leprosy. Typical pinna ,absent eyebrows,shiny skin, typical look. Confirm diagnosis Go for proper anti leprotic drugs like Dapsone or DDS, streptomycin etc.as per the most recent regime in Indian conditions.

Agree with dr unmesh patel... Here i will add one thing....is there any H/o insect bite, or any injury ....???

It could be a case of chondrodermatitis chronica helicis nodularis as a small nodule can be seen clearly

Dr. Manoj Saini sir please guide us

Please mark the affected area properly

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