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Confirmed #covid-19 crp >300, WBC 11, temperature 38.8, spo2 90% room air, RR 30, terrible wheeze, SOB, sweaty. Rapid deterioration in breathing, intubated and ventilated 24 hours later.

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Basal GGOS are faintly seen Leucopenia Crp is high Covid19 +ve Breathless febrile Not responding to ventilator support Dear dr Zaka Yusto M why not look at this case from recent findings postulated ie to look from DIC As chest suggest pulmonary oedema Add inj lasix Anticoagulants Prevent from rise in ferritin
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Collapse consolidation Lt lower lobe Collapse consolidation right lower lobe paracardic region Copd Emphysema Cardiomegaly COVID infection
I agree
Bilateral LOWER zone consolidation with COPD
Cardiomegaly ,pulmonary vascular bed is poorly visible with absence of main pulmonary arterie.Brochogram well mado out ,both left and bronchi are seen through cardiac silhouette.
* Pulmonary oedema ** COPD EMPHYSEMA COVID Needs further investigation and evaluation to conclude and line of treatment.
Thanks Dr Pushkar Bhomia

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Pneumothorax with cardiomegaly with covid hrct 2 decho antibiotics anti inflamatorry antiviral anticoaglunat
Tnx Dr Ashok Leel sir

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Air trapping, resp failure, no consolidation. Wt abt abg report
Agree@Shivraj Agarwal Sir Ji
Bilateral basal ground glass appearance
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