young female pt had burn due to hot plastic material 3 wks . now it healed completely ,but there is hardening scar and painful , restricted movement of that joint . what is effective Tx? at present I had given. tab chymoral forte TDs .


No this is not keloid This is post burn contractures Rx it requires release of contracture and ssg so that finger gets straightened and fine functions are resumed with physio. Take the help of plastic surgeon.
Thanx dr Ratan Benerji Ganta

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It is not keloid because three weeks time is not time to develop keloid.It is post burn contracture release of contracture and to the finger to be kept with a splint for 7 to 20 days followed by finger movement.
Keloid Intralesional kenacort injection to reduce size of keloid once in a week followed by excision. See BSL,if diabetic,then it should be controlled & management accordingly.
Keloid Vex therapy with physiotherapy. Intralesional steroid injection can be helpful. Hot water compression and passive movement.
Thanks Dr Amitabha Dasgupta.

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Keloid formation, Treatment kenacort injection interstitial once in a week and exercise
Hypertrophic scar Needs physiotherapy along with other medical treatment .
Not keloid Hypertrophic scar Triamcinolone Silastic topical
Post burn contractures Release of contracture Ssg
Keloid after one week give local kenacort 10 mg intra dermal once aweek
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