65 male with cervical lymph node enlargement . fnac images for your valuable opinions.

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Thank you doctors for your valuable opinions. This case is reported as metastatic deposit in lymph node. Moderately cellular smears against haemorrhagic background show atypical cells scattered individually. The cells are showing spindle shaped nuclei, stippled chromatin and moderate amount of cytoplasm. Many plasmacytoid cells are noted. Dense amorphous eosinophilic material is observed in the background. Usg-revealed a solitary nodule in the thyroid. On clinical examination- single large cervical lymph node found. No generalised lymphadenopathy. All features are in favour of metastatic deposit. I apologise for the bad quality of images. Thank you.

Shows oval, spindle, plasmacytoid, polygonal cells in loose sheets admixed with amorphous eosinophilic material.Ocassaional giant cells, mild pleomorphism noted. Metastatic Carcinomatous Deposits in Lymphnode,possibly from Zmedullary carcinoma thyroid.Advised Bx,congored stain, Serum calcitonin levels & IHC with NEM & calcitonin. Look for other stigmata of MEN.

Looks like metastatic adenocarcinoma Primary can be Lung , git , prostate

Images not clear Probably Metastatic deposits of Adenocarcinoma in view of attempted acinar formation

Looks like Deposit of adenocarcinoma. Images are not clear

metastatic deposits tonode

Metastatic carcinomatous deposits possibly from Adenocarcinoma

Lymphoma. Not a secondary.

Metastatic adenocarcinoma. Primary may be from GIT/ PROSTATE

Metastatic medullary carcinoma Primary thyroid

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