65 yr male Chronic smoker and alcohlic Dysphagia to solids for 4 months Barium swallow done


UGIE DONE SHOWED GROWTH IN UPPER 1/3 esophagus starting from 16 cm to 22 cm from upper incisor Biopsy done showed squamous cell carcinoma moderately differentiated

Ca Oesophagus upper 1/3rd....advice Endoscopy nd biopsy

Narrowing and filling defect noted in upper third of oesophagus may be due to ulceration mostly carcinoma (squamous cell carcinoma). Further investigations are advised for staging.Surgery is preferred as first line.Radiotherapy given with planning to spare spine.Chemotherapy also given.

Its a case of carcinoma esophagus, squamous cell carcinoma Either you choose PET-CT or cect chest and neck along with usg abdomen for metastatic workup After proper staging, plan may be chemoradiotherapy definitive or surgery followed by chemoradiotherapy adjuvant

Ca Esophagus in the upper third. Endoscopy and biopsy to confirm. Metastatic work up by CECT chest and abdomen and pelvis. Pre - Surgical blood investigations and plan for esophagectomy followed by anastomosis and continuity of bowel.

In upper 3rd esophageal carcinoma he should go for NACCRT followed by surgery as per CROSS trial if the stage is 1b or more ....and Definitive CCRT if the stage is T4b

Sry, read the biopsy report after writing the first response. You have confirmed Ca esophagus. Please do let us know the further proceedings. Thanks

Aortic knuckle impression over oesophagus is deeper and larger. ? Extraluminal compression of oesophagus by Aortic knuckle aneurysm.

Ca upper third oesophagus .EUS and CT thorax should be done. Resection of oesophagus and Gastroesophageal anastomosis to be done

S/o Can oesophagus. Confirm with edoscopic biopsy.Treatment oesphesectomy with gast -PM anastomosis.

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