Female aged 22 c/o swelling in both ear lobes since 2 months. What is the diagnosis & treatment?


Identifying Keloids Bulbous and large, extending well beyond the boundaries of the original wound Sometimes tender, painful, or itchy Usually red or hyperpigmented and vascular, containing broad bundles of collagen, which are absent in hypertrophic scars Can develop over many months, or even up to a year following the piercing
it is occurs due to ear piercing with infected ornament

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its a keloid or dermoid cyst.its a mamsaj vrudhi called as adhimamsa. in ayurved treatment of it is said through shastra /kshar/agni. impt is- surgical intervention is must. later ayurvedic preparation post operative can be advised to avoid reoccurence.
keloid,. we treat with kanchnar giggle,virdivadika vati,punarnavadi mandur,dasmool kwath,sarvkalp kwath,punarnavarisht
thanx for suggestion dr manoj
it is a keloid. needs surgical excision followed by kenacort injection to avoid recurrance
Silicea.3x 4pill bd Thiosinaminum.Q 5drop in water Thuja.10m single dose...before meal
this keloid reoccour after surgery
It is keloid & reoccurence is known after surgery. I agree with Dr. Anita's opinion
this is keloid... you have simply surgical option...
yes it's a keloid I do agree with doctor anita
Multiple dermoid cysts, advised surgery.
sorry sir....I have just gone through the multiple dermoid cyst...its not the multiple dermoid cyst

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surgery is the only option
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