65yrs female admitted in hospital with feeble pulse, cold extremities, in shock, breathless



It's case seems of infero posterior with right ACUTE MI WITH SEVERE VENTRICULAR DYSFUNCTION WITH PULMONARY EDEMA WITH CARCINOGENIC SHOCK Urgent ICU/ CCU admission or cathlab required treatment under guidance of cardiologist .

Acute MI with severe ventricular dysfunction with pulmonary Edema

Ac inferior wall mi with pulmonary edema , with cardiogenic shock , needs stabilization , CT PA, to rule out Pulmonary embolism

Type 2 Respiratory failure due to expensive Lt. side pneumonia with Infero-lat. MI&RBBB

Inf wall MI in ecg and cardiogenic shock clinically

I think it is a case of pulmonary embolism with pulmonary oedema .S1Q3T3 pattern . ECG changes may be due to hypothermia . patient is in obstructive shock .Stabilize the patient and go for CT pulm.angio

Acute inferior wall MI with cardiac failure with pulmonary edema

Inf wall MI

Infetior wall mi. Shock may be due to vasovagal attack

X-ray show LVH Ecg show Baseline artefacts RAD LPHB RBBB Inferioposterior mi

Iwmi with cardiogenic shock with pulmonary edema....IABP may be helpful till patient get proper cardiac intervention

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