65yrs old female known Paan chewer but not tobacco at all... from a poor family... c/o- an irregular growth over palate since last 3 to 4 months... its growth was steady in 1st month but now stopped growing since last 2 months... no history of DM HTN or any major diseases till date... no history of fever or lymhadenopathy.. o/E.. using gloves.. its consistency is soft.. it is totally painless... after pressing hard u can mildly feel hard palate... Send to an expert ENT surgeon at CIVIL hospital for biopsy.. waiting for results... My diagnosis is Tori Palatinous... or palatinal tori..mostl benign in nature... needs surgical removal... what do u say friends...??



Looks like malignant lesion. After biopsy confirmation CECT base skull to thoracic inlet. X Ray chest. If bone involved direct nasal endoscopy to look for floor of nasal cavity involvement . Surgery will require wide excision of hard palate + right upper alveolectomy or B/L inferior maxillectomy depending upon upper extent and involvement of maxillary sinus .

need biopsy first offall then u decide.

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hope the green colour in pict is pan itself oral hygine is too bad teeth r also how can it b nonmalignant?? wait for biopsy and then decide the plan of tt

dont think its a palatal tori... wait for biopsy report. Pls update when u get the reports

Palatal tori neither grow like this nor they feel soft in consistency.

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torus palatinous should be hard to firm in consistency,since its soft in nature it can also be a proliferative malignant growth/premalignant erythroplakia/leukoplakia,maintaince of oral hygiene along with quitting the addiction to pan is advised until the biopsy report comes

It can be benign growth leading from frequent friction . And since the growth is stable from past 2 months with no weight loss or loss of appetite malignancy can be last dd .

Biopsy is positive for squamous cell carcinoma invasive... CT reveals invasion of hard palate.. Patient referred for chemo radio surgery @ tata Hospital mumbai 3 days ago....

might be minor salivary gland tumor MC on hard palate try a biopsy

might be hemangioma try aspirating if confirmed we can try inj setrol

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dose not look like a tori. you need to check the biopsy report.. along with that a cbct will help to knw the extent and involvement of the lesion kindly update the biopsy

Perforated hard palate, clinically malignant. Reconstruction after surgery will be a failure only. Some prosthesis may be given to maintain function . Recurrence rate is high Dr gopalan me, dm

It appears to be ' Torus plati'. But if there is ulceration, patient is in habbit of chewing pan with' Chunna' -- the maligency to be ruled out. Tori planus is benign growth, & surgical removal may help.

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