67/m c/o brownish discoloration to urine. dysuria for 3 days NOT a diabetic/ hypertensive. kindly suggest the treatment



UTI.. give cefexime 100mg bd for 1 to 2 weeks and repeat urine analysis.. increase intake of fluids.. better to get culture done before antibiotic choice.

Thank you mam

Do cystoscopy to rule out any bladder pathology like malignancy. Macroscopic haematuria can be a presentation in this age group Treat UTI But same time rule out any underlying ds

This is a clear cut case of UTI. But the cause is not known. U cannot label it as cystitis or stones or BPH. Need evaluation as all cases of UTI in men should be investigated. Treatment is of course according to the culture report

Patient having UTI, To identify the cause (BPH, Stricture urethra, Urolithiasis) Do Urine c/s, RFT, S. PSA, Usg KUB, Uroflowmetry

Yes sir

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What is his serum creatinine? Does he have any other issues - anasarca/ new onset or recent worsening of hypertension? This could be acute nephritic syndrome - given the 2+ proteinuria and absence of fever. Requires renal biopsy

UTI Urine culture, PSA Usg abdomen with PVR Uroflowmetry Antibiotic according to culture report



Sir.logical approach for tratment

Start on antibiotics after urine culture and sensitivity reports

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