7 yr female child with multiple pustule over the axilla and anterior chest no h/o any associated fever is present no h/o any upper respiratory infection is present diagnosis ?


bullous impetigo these pustules can rupture easily, topically mupirocin is good, beta-lactems are good choice of antibiotics like amoxclav 50mg/kg/day divided into two doses for a week, for itching add antihistamines, for pain add nsaids
Homeopathy is best for it

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It can be bullous impetigo or subcornea pustular dermatosis bcoz mensicus sign is present as half level of pus seen which can be seen both scpd nd bullous impetigo,ask h/o for paraglobinemia,multiple myeloma,u can do skin biopsy for ruling out.give antibiotic nd mupirocin cream
It can be a case of bullous impetigo.Clean the part with calendula Q Give a dose of Rhus tox 200.wait for 7 days.Apply calendula gel externaly
Subcorneal pustular dermatosis

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Bulbous impetigo CBC, pus c/ s, rupture with sterilized swab,clean part with antiseptic ,start amoxicillin500with clavulanic acid125 , 8 hrly till c/ s reports available and change antibiotics as per need, Tab fexofenadine120 1 HS, Tab aceclofenac and paracetamol sos for pain and fever Try to find out cause and remove the offending agent t is there.
sir he is a child of seven years old so calculate accordingly the dose

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bullous impetigo yes , it is bullous impetigo.
bullous impetigo.treat with oxytetracycline orally and local ointment. And also give ayurvedic blood purifier such as liq.mahamanjista
Infected bullous impetigo.Tt:-1-systematic and local antibiotic. 3"-tab paracetamol 250mg 1tds tab bcomplex 1od7days.
Bullous impetigo incision and drainage followed by antibiotic cefixime orally local dressing with antiseptic cream
bullous impetigo treated with moxclav antibiotics pain killer antihistaminics and topical fucid or mupirocin cream
it is look like pyoderma Start syp augmentin duo T bact ointment.. Do Cbc esr Pus culture and sensitivity
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