68/Female present with severe dyspnoea known case of Bronchial Asthma ,HTN, Hypothyroidism on Medictation. Started on Nebulisation, Augmentin, Hydrocortisone, Syp Pulmoclear , Ecosprine Av, Storvas 40, Amlong 5mg BP:180/90 PULSE 86/Min Spo2 88% RA Attached Xray



Nice line of treatment....nebulize with foracort bd...duolin tds...n NAC bd. Inj . Deriphylline primacort...augumentin...can be given one shot of lasix...yes avoid betablockers

B.p.will be controlled after inhaler ,there might be mucus plug or rt middle lobe pneumonia.

B.p.will controles after inhaler ,there might be mucus plug or rt middle lobe pneumonia

Aortic aneurysm Adv CTAngiography

Dilated Rt. pulmonary artery. Pl. Rule out PAH. And also associated paraspinal abscess ?Cold abscess.

A suspected case of C. O. P. D.manage accordingly.

Why is the extra brightness in midline?? Is it due to poor quality of xray or is this any pathology??

Treat the patient in conservative manner....Try to bring BP to normal levels and avoid beta blockers....Dont forget anti histamnics....

Good approach, maintain ABC, iv line ,ventilatory support SOS, please adhere to ICU protocall.

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