68 y female with type 2 DM complaining blister, pain & burning of lt side of her face. deviation of mouth to rt.



Herpes Zoster on facial nerve,with Ramsay Hunt syndrome,Control DM,opthalmic opinion to salvage eye,topical antibiotic with topical acyclovir,Systemic antibiotics,analgesics,gabapanten,carbampzine,after eruption Systemic acyclovir has doubtful prognostic value

Agree with you sir.

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This is a classical case of Herpes Zostur Ophthalmicus. Treatment. Stop OHA and start Insulin. Tab Acyclovir 800 mg 5 times a day for 5 to 10 days. Acyclovir drops or ophthalmic drops. Asv to consult Ophthalmologist to r/o involvement of eye. Because this is vision threatening disease.

herpes zoster in extensive phase may b due to ?uncontroll dm deviation of mouth is tob treated first controll dm with insulin acyclovir acyclovir oint care of eye antbiotic- mox cv analgesic gabapentin ophthalmic opinion

Herpes zoster ophthalmicus. Ramsay hunt syndrome . Acyclovir800 mg Five times a day for 7 days. Acyclovir eye drops Acyclovir cream topically. Gabapentine carbamazepine paraceyamol codien for pain. Vit b12 orally.

Lt herpes zoster involving Lt ear , Lt facial nerve ,Lt division of maxillary & nasocilliary branch of trigeminal nerve . Eye is also involved . Rx : * Rx of non ophthalmic disease to be done by ENT surgeon. *Rx of ophthalmic disease : 1. Acyclovir e/ointment 5 times /day. 2. , Chloramphenicol with polymyxin with dexamethasone e/drops 3.Tobramycin e,/drops. 4.Timolol e/drops 5.Atropine e/drops. 6.lacrigel eye oint 5 times /day ,&, hs. 7. Oral acyclovir 800mg, 5 times a day. 8.Oral analgesic & vit -B complex . Pt to be kept under supervision , & development of exposure keratitis should be watched For.

Hutchinson rule evidenced by blisters involving tip of the nose in which case ocular involvement is certain. Treat with acyclovir 800 mg5 times daily , acyclovir ointment and other symptomatic measures

Herpes zoster

Ramsay hunt syndrome.. antibiotics oral n topical along with oral valcyclovir one gram tid. oral steroids may also to be started to to reduce inflammation of the facial nerve and prevent permanent damage with appropriate antidiabetics.

herpes zoster invoving all branches of trigeminal nerve... To diagnose Ramsay-hunt syndrome, vesicles should be present on the ear pinna or external auditory canal. Also in the given picture, eyes are red on the left side suggestive of conjunctiva involvement which is innervated by trigeminal nerve ( ophthalmic branch)....hence this is herpes zoster of trigeminal nerve...not facial nerve.

herpes zoster opththalmicus

exact terminology sir?

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