Treatment guidline for piles??

You have to grade the piles Gr1 and gr2 piles are mild and to be treated conservatively Gr3 gr4 and prolapsed or thrombosed piles are to be treated surgically Conservative line Relieve constipation Pt should observe diet constraints avoid junk spicy oily food including nonvage Bulk laxatives like isapgoal husk Palliative drugs like pilon Local applications like smuthoint and anometerogyl oints If h/o bleeding is there you can use botroclot lotion locally or oral hemostatiscs or injectables Next line is surgery
Thanx dr Mittakola Praveen

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Piles botox injection effective correct constipation not to strain at stool increase roughage oint Proctosedyl bd daflon1000 tds 3 days then500 mg tds3 days if painful August bd combiflam tds 3 days homeopathy nux vomica sulphur alumina mixture of30 potency chew tds