Transient ileo colic intussusception to a 9 yrs old male. suffering from intermittent pain after a period of 1, 2, 3 or 4 months. should he go for surgery or not. his height is okay but weight is very less about 20 kg and looks very skinny. any adverse on his growth after surgery please suggest



Go for surgery immediately . Otherwise it will lead to ischemic necrosis gangrene of the affected part might lead to perforation and peritonitis . Complication later might b short gut syndrome though other surgical complications to b kept in mind too .
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He should go for surgery Consult paediatric surgeon
I agree@Mansukh Shah sir
Advice for operative for intussusception
Reduction & then operate some time due to rota vaccine
Agreed with Dr.Nitesh P
Thank u maam
Since there are recurring episodes of intussusception- surgery is the only option as such recurrent episodes may cause perforation or gangrene of the gut . Surgical resection of the segment involved is indicated. During surgery sometimes Meckel's diverticulum or a polyp may be inadvertently found as the precipitating factor which should also be included in the resection segment
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