69 years having tiredness breathlessness cough 6 month no history of fever htn , dm ecg wnl



diffuse bilateral coarse reticular opacities involving predominantly mid and lower lung zones suggestive of interstitial lung disease, consider idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis HRCT would help for further evaluation

looks like hypersensitivity pneumonitis.. occupational history must.. in x ray left side honeycomb appearance is also seen... HRCT will delineate the differentials...

Bilateral pulmonary koch's, advised AKT.

yes sir smoker but stopped now

Interstitial lung disease

D/D ILD,pulmonary fibrosis,bronchiectasis...coarse crepts??..sputum for afb,HRCT

Interstitial lung disease leading to honey comb

please get an elaborate occupational history.... this is a case of ILD variant I cannot specify.

ILD / PTB to be ruled out. HRCT and sputum for AFB to be done!

DD.. ILD,COAD.....HRCT thorax ll b helpful....n also 3sputum sample for AFB

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