69yr person k/c/oDM since 10yr @@Dr. Bappasaheb Chavare @@Dr. Dnyandeo Londhe @Dr. Vivek Patil Now complaining of pain in rt. Eye with dropping of Eyelid What is your diagnosis and further manegment .



I think in long run since 10 yrs. Patient suffering from DM may causes the features of drooping of eyelid. “Ptosis” is the medical term for a drooping upper eyelid. Eyelid drooping can sometimes affect your vision if it’s severe. Ptosis isn’t a disease. It’s actually a symptom of a condition. Causes of Ptosis --------------------- A number of factors that affect the muscles, nerves, or skin of the eyelids can cause ptosis. The muscles that allow your eyelids to move up and down are called the levator muscles. They can weaken from age or injury. In addition, some people may be born with eye muscles that are weaker than normal, causing them to develop ptosis at a young age. Nerve damage can contribute to ptosis. A common cause of ptosis is Horner’s syndrome. Horner’s syndrome is a form of nerve damage that occurs in the face and eyes. It’s usually the result of an underlying condition. Stroke and other brain tumour/injury, spinal cord injuries, and some forms of lung cancer can cause Horner’s syndrome and ptosis. Some chronic conditions, including diabetes and myasthenia gravis, may also increase your risk of ptosis. May here Hyperglycaemia is a prime factor to produse ptosis of opposite side due to diabetic neuropathy caused by cerebral attack. Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease that affects the way your muscles and nerves communicate. Cluster headaches can also cause ptosis in some people. Cluster headaches are severe headaches that strike frequently during “cluster periods” and then go into remission. Causes of Unilateral ptosis: ************************** The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Unilateral ptosis. There are likely to be other possible causes, so require thorough radiological and clinical investigations. *Horner's syndrome *Traumatic ptosis *Lachrymal gland tumor. *Parry-Romberg syndrome. *Cluster headache. *Temporal arteritis. *Congenital ptosis. *Post-trauma. *Age related. *Inflammatory disorders of the upper eyelid. *External ophthalmoplegia. *Stroke. Require further investigations...... ------------------------------------ *CT or MRI brain confirm any brain SOL. *Consult with neurologist and eye surgeon, complaining pain in right eye due to any glaucoma persist. Though symptoms covered with Homoeopathic medicine CAUSTICUM/Higher dilution.

Thanks Sir

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Dear @Dr. Babasaheb Dudhe Sir! A case worth for discussion. CRANIAL MONONEUROPATHY III - DIABETIC TYPE This diabetic type of cranial mononeuropathy III is a complication ofdiabetes. Itcauses double vision and eyelid drooping. Mononeuropathy means that only one nerve is damaged. This disorder affects the third cranial nerve in the skull. This is one of the cranial nerves that control eye movement. This type of damage may occur along with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Cranial mononeuropathy III is the most common cranial nerve disorder in people with diabetes. It is due to damage to the small blood vessels that feed the nerve. There is no specific treatment to correct the nerve injury in Allopathy. Treatments to help symptoms may include: *Closecontrol of blood sugar level *Eye patch or glasses with prisms to reduce double vision *Symptomatic treatment *Surgery to correct eyelid drooping or eyes that are not aligned Some people may recover without treatment. Thanks for sharing

May be possible..... More specific.... New Horizon

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Ptosis . D/D may be facial palsy. Further investigations needed

Have to raise the lid and check for movements of eye ball and pupils. May be an occulomotor nerve palsy

wonderfully explained by @Dr. Arunava Chakraborty and @Dr. Subhashkumar Bharti sir..... Thanks for wonderful explanation


Facial Palsy. Cousticum helpfull -200

No case of purely facial palsy only drooping of rt.eye called ptosis,please see discussion of Dr.Bharti & me in this regard. Thanx.

Sir see may b h/o facial palsy, plz r/o, if ptosis was due to muscular dystrophy, he may present constipation also. Invest.inclue routine blood test including ictc , CT brain must. Nasya, with akshi tarpana, will surely help, otherwise eyelid reconstruction surgery.

Sir firstly give conium mac10m single doze after one weak causticum 30 am daily


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