What is the management where 5month pregnancy women complain lower abdomen pain and do not walk


Dx It's common to get pain due to increase in size of foetus and changes in the body of mother.. Advise USG abdomen and PV examination to know underlying cause.. Rx Treat according to the cause Tab Mahadhanvantaragulika garbha samrakshini 2 BD Phalasarpi 10ml OD Yoni pichu with Mahasneha varti. Bed rest.
I agree with Dr. Deevi need to explore the whole case and cause.
Mild to moderate pain is not needed treatment ...bcoz foetal growth n abdominal expansion can cause such type of pain..n if having any urinary complain? Or elict UTI ..otherwise ..no treatment added .
Give history or some other information bcoz various reasons ,,,some test is imp.like ultrasonography May be pain occur due to constipation problems
इस अवस्था में इस तरह की प्रक्रिया होना स्वाभाविक ही है। चिंता मत करो, इस लिए वृद्ध महिला के सम्पर्क में रहने पर आप का साहस बढ़ेगा।
@Dr. Hiral Maliwad @Dr. Bhavika Gandhi @Dr. Twara Aashish @Dr. Jyoti Bajpai @Dr. D. P. Singh
Agree with dr kaveri trivedi mam....it's quite common... I think here.... Proper counselling needed sir..
Dr for proper dx needs investigation n rule out dx
Full history?