【Anuria】 ●Feeding Normal ●Temp- Normal ●Swelling at urinary opening ●Anuria since 1 day Rx, After inj.Dexamethasone inj.Gentamicin inj.Frusemide Dribbling of urination start but swelling not reduce



To, Dr. Ketan Please check urethral orfice carefully.only antibiotics dexa methasone antiinflametry drug is not enough.try to know etiology then diagnosed & treatment.you insert cathator or umbrella kamani in orfice to locate obstruction or neoplastic if nothing found then check sigmoid flexure for calculi. Then operate and antibiotics D.C.2.5gm 12 hourly.lesion show in pic. also indicate rapture of urinary bladder may be.Thanks.
There may be abscess.....
In this case needle espiration will give you a better decision about diagnosis and treatment.... If you suspect urinary calculi then frusemide is not a good choice... It is contraindicated.....
It might be an incidence of licalbtidsue cellulitis owing to umblical cord infection. Do rule out the possibility of urinary obstruction
Pl inspect the inside of sheath.In my early life i had seen one case...there was Purulent foetid smelling infection inside the sheath.
Local incision both side of sheath for urine passout from local area
Megludyne or meglumine for swelling with broad spectrum antibiotics
Please rule out renal calculi
If animal will die during necropsy you will find the whole length of urethra filled with stones oral ammonium sulphate along with diuretics will helpful if somewhat urine is passing
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