middle aged patient with severe pain in eye and diminition of vision

It's more like pallid disc edema rather than hyperemic disc edema.. and it's segmental.so could be NAION.. only thing against this is pain and loss of vision.
It seems to be AION probably non arteritic type.. coz the sector of the disc that is edematous is actually very hyperemic compared to the rest of it.. also the patient is middle aged and AAION is more common in old age.. The only point that is going against NAAION is that the patient has severe pain in the eye
Complaints of severe pain and fundus picture shows arteritic aion. Ffa would confirm the diagnosis
What was the vision?? Were fields done? Is the patient hypertensive??
Non artetic acute anterior ischaemic neuropathy
@Dr. Praveen
CDR - Normal ; FR - dull ; PPA
Optic neuritis- papillitis
Diabetic retinopathy.
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