6month old Dobermans having pyoderma. rashes severe itching and inflammation of digits.what is line of treatment......




It's looks mixed infection.... Demodex and secondary infection.... Give inj. Ivermectin, inj. Prednisolon and inj. Gentamicin.... If you can't get results then start tab fluconazole once weekly with kiskin lotion...

Give dewormer before this treatment

Complicated case of pyoderma,treat with tab neomec orally once in every 4 the day ,clindamycin Inj once daily for 5 days ,tab cephalexin for 7 days,tab ketoconazole for 7 days, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for a month orally ,betadine and amitraz locally daily after cleaning with Petben shampoo, Fecofol Z tab twice daily for a month may be tried.

Inj Mectin 2ml per 50kg Bet s/cRpt after 15days Tab zocip 250mg daily for 5days Tab candiforce 100bid for 15days Topsoil solution 3%apply over affected area clean withNormal saline daily and again apply Topsoil daily for 10days Nutricoat Adv 1ml bid in milk given Skin scraping may be examine after 10days for latest position,

Demodex mange infection so give Inj ivermectin 2ml s/c, apply permethrine lotion bid on whole body repeat ivermectin 10 days interval.

But skin scrapping result negative sir

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1st deworming c eazypet 1 tab.then wath c procott shampoo .Then apply 100ml turpentine oil+500ml m.oil lotion twice a day.Griseofulvin 125 mg bd for 14th day.arovit tab 1 daily.if necessary then Nayflee spray use To protect c secondry inf. Marbomet 50mg half tab daily.

Sir Hope u might have administered med Since go for skin scrapy and pustular fluid For lab investigation and AST However try Inj ivomac Inj isoflud2 International clindamycin Dip antifungal antiseptic Immunomodulators Observe the changes

Plz read oint and cap clindamycin Instead International

Apply zerokeet lotion all over body...once a day and apply nezral +t bact cream another one time....bath with petben shampoo twice a week...give inj.avil +inj predni for 3 days...n start with oral antibiotics.. mostly enro tablet

Y exclusive enro Dr

It is a bacterial infection.give sulfa drug for 5 days, then break for 3 days again give this drug for 5 days along with steroids and antihistamine. Here in this there is also need of anti-inflammatory

Apply dettol lotion all over body ....bath Inj ivrmectin .Atarax 10mg tab orl 6 1_____________1


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Treat with ivermectin and softas max soap and also give enrofloxacin for 5 days plus kiskin lotion externally

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