6o/f c/o mass in the oral cavity since 3 months . gradually increase in size no h/o pain. c/o itching all over the body k/c/o diabetic. Diagnosis?. kindly suggest a management



Pyogenic granuloma (?) Excisional biopsy & gingival repair surgery.

D/D - Epulis granulomatosa Giant cell Epulis Pyogenic granuloma. Treatment remains excisional biopsy

Dx: Pyogenic granuloma Management: Excisional Biopsy

Is it pyogenic granuloma?

Pyogenic granulma for sure

It is in edentullous area&onsrt since 3month &pt is diabetic &suffering from itching .so it is irritating granuloma. Treatment excision in toto. &send for biopsy to rule out any malignancy

Epulis/ pyogenic granuloma probably. excision biopsy is the approach

Pyogenic granuloma

Pyogenic granuloma.

Epulis granuloma / pyogenic granuloma. Advice patient for RBS test and after that go for T/t - Excisional biopsy if the values are normal.

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