7 month old female baby had sudden eruption of below shown skin lesions mild itching .No other symptoms No h/o insect bite.Kindly discuss.Thank you.



Acute urticarial rash

Urticarial rashes Topical calamine lotion application twice a day Hydroxizine 2mg / kg / day in three divided doses. Avoid allergenic foods such as fish, eggs, prawns, dairy products, wheat products, nuts, chocolates etc. Avoid using synthetic tight fitting garments and use loose fitting cotton clothes instead

Bed bugs bites.Treat as advised by Dr Rumi

Acute urticaria

Papular Urticaria / Hives


@Dr. Digvijay Gadhavi -urticaria

HIVES, Topical Calamine lotion, 4 hrly, Antihistaminic, Cotton loose clothes.

Acute urticaria

Urticarial rash

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