7 years boy fell down on 23rd November and operated on 27 th post operation and before operation x ray enclosed , now patient still limping and swelling over the thigh , enclosed present condition walking and picture please kindly advise sir how




it will resolved gradually if you will wait n watch. give cryotherapy followed by bandaging with training of gait.

It is a case of fractureshaft of femur which was operated. Since the thigh is weight bearing bone the pain swelling will remain for 2 to 3 months and will be resolved gradually.

Operated fr Femur with Endres nailing, this swelling spontaneous reduce but mild swelling continue & impinge Implant, this Implant removal after 6 months then full movement

Wait and watch Resolve spontaneously Restricted movements Rest Assured parents

Do pop and wait . It's will resolved gradually....

agree with @Rahul Pandey

Agree with rahul pandey

Bed rest with elevation of the limb needs to b done . Repeat xray . Condition like osteomyelitis needs to b ruled out too . Go for cbc crp too . Fracture femur leads to heavy blood loss .

To me these two small wire size lmpant for shaft femur is insuficient.The femure # rod should have been good to this young boy.

Elevation of limb during sleep.slow mobility ex's encouraged.gait training is helpful.

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