7 years girl developed these lesions overnight. Diagnosis?


Dx :- PAPULAR URTICARIA. Adv. - CBC, Stool for RE / ME and OBT. RULE OUT :- CHOLINERGIC URTICARIA . (Cholinergic urticaria is a disease of the immune system that causes immediate hypersensitivity reaction to emotional stress, heat or exercise. Some may complain that the resulting allergy is due to heat, but the precipitating factor is the sweat.) Rx :- 1 ) TOPICAL STEROID CREAM – This should be applied as soon as the itchy spots appear. 2 ) ANTIHISTAMINE TABLETS/ SYRUP – These may reduce the spots and reduce itching. 3 ) ANTISEPTIC CREAM : To reduce or avoid secondary infection. 4 ) Calaminol lotion - Local application BD . 5 ) Sometimes, Tab. ALBENDAZOLE (400 mg ) or SYRUP. 400 mg / 10 ml - At HS is helpful. @

Papular urticaria. Antihistaminics. Calamine lotion. Within 3 to4 days will resolve. Avoid food allergens containing artificial colours.


Papular urticaria.

Pitriasis rosea

It's p. Roses less likely, as lesions r not morphologically look like p.rosea. There is no associated/ prev h/o cough, cold, fever ( viral inf.)

@Avoid non veg diet junk food specially kurkures maggi etc and then treat for any underlying infection plus deworming for amoebiasis

Popular urticaria? Try with antihistamines, steroids and local application of lacto calamine lotion.

Urticaria Apis Mel 30 Arsenic alb 30 Urtica pentarken Homeopathic

Pappular urticaria....pls identify allergen food or New fabric

@Dr. Abdul Hannan - pappular urticaria

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