### 7 years old girl was brought to OPD with such skin lesions since 3 days. Pain and itching present. Diagnosis and treatment ???



Chicken pox

Varicella/ Chicken pox

I am not sure but it looks more like an insect bite because Chicken pox lesions are NOT ALWAYS PAINFULL and take at least 7-10 days to scab and the pt complaints of having them since 3 days and assuming that these lesions are present only on one side of neck and back (since the person presenting the case has put pics only of these parts of the body) I believe since these lesions are present only on the one side of neck and back (common sleeping position by facing the stomach downwards)these are more likely to be insects bites. To confirm whether it is chicken pox or not inspection of the lesions on whole body especially chest should be done along with the asking the pt for history of FEVER and FATIGUE

Varicella zoster


Insert bite / chickenpox

Chicken pox

Its a case of chicken pox.

Chicken pox.Treat with Lactocalamine locally , tab pcm And Leocetzine Not 5to 7days.

Looks more like chicken pox lesion as they are seen in other parts of the body also.

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