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7 yes female ? Cyst mild pain no other complaints suggest diagnosis and treatment @Shivraj Agarwal


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Periapical abscess Drainage pus Antibiotics Analgesics

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Peri Apical abscess antibiotics orally nsaid orally ref to Dentist

Periapical abscess, need drainage, Antibiotic and NASID

Periapical abscess leading to sinus formation i.r.t maxillary left central incisor. Need pulpectomy and sinus drainage under antibiotic coverage.

Refer to Dental Surgeon. Periapical cyst. Analgesic.

Periapical abscess Drainage pus Antibiotics Analgesics

Periodental cyst Rx excision sos rupture of cyst

Thanx dr Sabista Naaz

As tooth is discolored it might be radicular cyst.Occlusal view xray or iopa canon Gwithian FNAC can be diagnostic Rx:- Root canal of the affected tooth alongwith incision and drainage

Periapical abscess. Adv-pulpectomy under LA, augmentin paediatric suspension, ibujesic plus.

Apical abscess Antibiotics Anti-inflammatory Nsaid

Abscess and internal resorption with 21 considering the hue of the tooth and age. Iopa - Extn - Antibiotics (topical metronidazole will work as abscess subsides immediately after extn) I see alot of suggestions for pulpectomy. It is NOT advised in upper anterior teeth at this age especially with such an abcess!

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