70 year old lady with breathlessness epigastriac discomfort bp and sugar normal vitals stable plz check the ecg and give opinion



Hyperacute T wave in inf leads (remember in comparison to R wave ) T wave inversion in lead avl if old ecg is not available & no such changes in old ecg i wil consider IWMI until proven otherwise do serial ecg & definitely changes will evolve by the time

ECG cannot be written as WNL . STANDARD leads low voltage and poor progression of R wave in chest leads. Echocardiography is must and on account of epigastric pain possibly of ACS cannot be ruled out. Go for investigators on that line, even repeat ecg.

Poor R wave progression s/o RVH. Also look for any epigastric pulsations and left parasternal heave.

old ASMI . LAE.. t wave is upright in V 1. .so CAD. Most probably old ASMI with CCF possiblity. .

low voltage complexes clockwise rotation please do tft....and is patient is obese????

Qt interval long tachycardia

Ecg reveals sinus rhythm. Hr 75/mt.no significant st t changes. Wnl

left ventricular dilated cardio myopathy

ECG appears normal, kindly do complete clinical examination and do cxr to look for cause of breathlessness. consider for echo if any suspicion of cardiac etiology.

ecg is normal adv- x-ray chest check for pneumonea patch or fibrosis or any consolidation check for h/o brochial asthama or tb rx nebulisation- duolin budecort stat/sos tab rantac bd if constipation syp duphalac 15ml hs

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