70 yr old male pt presented with skin lesion on both arms which are since 3 day itching+++ no fever hb 10.6 what can be diagnosis.


Senile Purpura persistent dark purple ecchymoses, which are characteristically confined to the extensor surfaces of the hands and forearms. Rx Self resolving within 2-3 week. Sun protection. Antihistamines. VitaminC supplement.

Senile purpura

Senile purpura or contact dermatitis or insect bite Before going to confirm go for koh test and it will clear your doubt Its might be self resolve Tab doxy Tab multi vitamin Skin protection Tab vit c

Senile purpura

Contact dermatitis and senile purpura

Senile purpura

@Dr. Ashif Khan -purpura

thnx mam

Senile purpura (?)


Resolves over a period of time , to recurr again: vit C is believed to have some regeneration effect on elastic layer.

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