INFERTILITY DEFINITION:- Infertility means inability to conceive after one year pf regular sexual attempt without contraception. TYPE :- 1 Primary :- Where conception is never occurred. 2. Secondary:- Indicates previous pregnancy but failure to conceive subsequently within one or more years of unprotected Coitus. CLINICAL GROUPS OF UNFERTILE COUPLE AS PER ETIOLOGY: 1 Male defect in 40% 2 Female defect in 50% 3. Unexplained infertility 10% CAUSES OF PRIMARY INFERTILITY 1.Multifectorial :- singke defect in either partner or multiple defect in both. 2. Physiological : Prior to puberty After menopause During pregnancy During lactation FEMALE DEFECTS 1. Systemic defect - Age :- Above 35 years obesity tobaco smoking - Psychological:- mental disharmony between husband and wife - Immunological antisperm antibodies in cervical mucus. 2. Sexual dysfunction - Lack of libido - Exhaustion due to overwork - vaginismus - dyspareunia 3. Anovulation - Amenorrhea - Skipping menses - DUB - PCOS - Hypothyroidism - Hyperprolectinemia - Hyper androgenism - Pre mature menopause - Drug:- Antiepileptic 4. Pathological defect narrow vaginal interoitus touch tender hymen a) cervical - stenosed cervix - intracervical fibrous obstruction - cervical polyps b) Uterus - uterine hypolasia - anomaly - sub mucous fibroid polyps - endometrial polyps c) Tubal inflammatory blockage d) overian - endometriosis - chocolate cysts - Chromosomal:- Turner syndrome e). peritoneal factors: mild endometriosis adhesions f) Implantation disorder :- corpus luteal insufficiency MALE DEFECTS 1. Systemic defects - elderly age obesity ( coital Difficulty) tobacco smoking ( defective spermetogenesis die to nicotine) heavy alcoholism ( impaired sexual functions) Diabetes mellitus ( impotency) tight underwear ( Raising scrotal temp. defective spermetogenesis) - Immunological:- Agglutinating and immobilizing antibodies uncommon factor - Coital dysfunction eractile impotency Ignorance to do proper sex - Sperm defect:- oligozoospermia and substandard semen values a). systemic cause b). drugs : Antihypertensive, Antiepileptic., etc. c). Endocranial : Hypothalamic hypogonadis - PATHOLOGICAL:- 1. Tastes:- mumps, orchitis, Chromosomal : klinefelter syndrome, streak testes( azzospermia) 2. Ductal occlusion: Inflammatory ( Chlamydial, gonococal tubercular at vas defrens. note:- Cause of secondary infertility & TREATMENT of INFERTILITY will be discussed in next post.


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